Marketing Appraisal

Effective Marketing or Advertising is all about grabbing the attention of your Customer. An effective headline will stop them in their tracks, getting them thinking about their issues, problems or challenges.

Once we have their attention we need to engage them with Copy educates them about your product or solution, something that helps them make a decision about your product or service.

Next, we need to build your credibility so that they know that they can trust you more than your competition.

A strong offer compels the Customer to act quickly, having your contact details on there leaving it to the Customer to call with no sense of urgency reduces the response rate to your advert.

Finally, your advert style needs to reflect what you are selling, if you are offering garden maintenance services and want to appear value for money, having an advert that looks like an upmarket landscaping Contractor is inappropriate. Great adverts focus on the Customer, are easy to read and compel the Customers to pick up the phone, click on the link or visit.

So why don’t you take a piece of your advertising, say from your website, any newspaper or magazine advertising and put it to the test?

How did you get on?


0 – Totally wrong concepts, try again

1– Does not interrupt (or False-Uptime); does not engage, gets no results (what most people write)

2 – Basic ad structure is there; can’t be fixed with “red-line”

3 – Good ad that interrupts and engages; lacks power in building the case and an appealing call to action

4 – Engages prospect and builds case well; offer needs strengthened; needs help with wordsmithing (for power)

5 – Clear, passionate, precise & powerful Ad! Nails internal conversation. Irresistible and obvious choice!

What do I do now my score was low?

If you scored below 3, your marketing has very little chance of converting leads into prospects

I’ll show you how your marketing can be re-worked to follow our proven Conversion Formula that has generated massive results for hundreds of business owners world-wide.

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