The demand for Business Coaches right now could not be higher. Many Businesses Owners are suffering as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic. These Business Owners need to review their Business Models, Create Strategies to help them recover and need support to prioritise what should be implemented into their Business.


It is very likely that a recession will follow the pandemic. The levels of government investment, the losses being suffered by the business sector and the drop in income for employees makes it fairly inevitable.

Recessions have in the past being a great opportunity for Business Coaches as Business Owners are looking for strategies to give them low-cost strategies that allow them to improve bottom line profits.

There are essentially three ways to become a self-employed Business Coach, I have done all three so to help you with you decide what’s right for you:-

  • Go it alone, develop your own tools, create your own collateral, coach based on your experience.
  • Purchase a Franchise Territory, adopting the Franchise brand and approaches
  • Become a Partner to a Company offering to licence their tools and collateral.

Going it alone takes the longest time to get up and running. It takes time to find the marketing approach that works to attract clients. It takes time to develop the approaches and tools that you will need to convince your Clients that you are the person to help them. It takes time to develop your experience and knowledge.

A faster option is to purchase a Franchise. This will allow you a territory to coach within and branded materials and proven approaches and the tools to Coach. However, it is probably the most expensive of all three approaches to get started. My investment in purchasing a franchise in 2006 was in excess of £50k. You will be contractually bound to the franchise for 5+ years in many Franchises. You will be required to tightly follow the franchise model as they will be looking to protect their brand.

The final option and the model that we are now running is to Licence materials. Licencing has many benefits similar to Franchising, but with a greater degree of flexibility. When Coaches Partner with us, there is no territory, no long contracts but most importantly we personalise all of the tools and collateral that you need to find prospects, convert those Prospects to Clients and to retain those Clients.

There are many ways to run a Coaching Practice, we have over 950 Coaches across the world, each of those operate under their own branding. Some Coaches focus on Group Coaching, others prefer one to one, some do both. We even have some Coaches who have their Clients self-supporting by using our fully automated E-learning system.

In our licencing model, there are no upfront fees to become a Coach. We collect a licence fee each month that allows us to maintain the E-learning system and the development of our comprehensive online business diagnostic tool and the management of our weekly conference calls and vibrant community of Coaches.

So if you have experience of running or developing business, have sales and marketing experience that you feel would benefit Business Owners then we would love to hear from you. It does not matter where you are located, we have Coaches across the globe.

We have prepared a short 15-minute video to give you an introduction to the licencing model we use with our Partner Leader Publishing Worldwide. If you are considering becoming a Coach I would recommend watching this video before reinventing the wheel by going it alone or committing to a Franchise. You will save time and money.

Coaching Opportunity Video

This video will provide an introduction to How we help experienced business people become Business Coaches using our World Class Coaching Training Scheme and the Tools will provide to help you deliver results to your Clients. Once you have watched the video, download the brochure if you are interested in finding out more information about who we are and why we shoud be your Partner of choice. We look forward to hearing from you.

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