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Business Growth Mentors was formed in 2006 by Donald and Emma Melrose. The purpose of starting the Company was to bring our Coroporate and Industral experience to SME Businesses in the local area. Having a successful vibrant local business economy underpins a successful Community.

If you want to have local sports clubs, cinemas, theatres and arts for you and your children to enjoy the local people need to be able to afford to attend and participate. Donald was brought up during the miners strike in a mining community on the south side of Edinburgh. As the mines closed the shops closed, sports clubs stopped and the Community struggled to survive as they were starved of cash.

Jumping forward a generation and perhaps selfishly we wanted to be proud of the Community we existed in and to give our children and the people of the Community every opportunity possible to enjoy sports the arts and have the best of entertainment.

Large theatre companies, musci bands and exhibitions will come to the local area if they feel that the people of the area can afford to attend.

We believe that if we have a vibrant SME sector money will stay within the local economy, if people are employed they will spend money locally making our Community. Our Coaches are passionate about making a diffference in their community by delivering professional coaching that makes a real difference.

Business Growth Mentors work in Partnership with Leader Publishing Worldwide a network of 950 Coaches across the world who are all striving to make a difference in their local economies.

Over the course of the last 14 years I have completed diagnostics on over 300 Companies. These Companies through the complete lifecycle of pre-startup through to retirement. It is estimated that since being coached by Business Growth Mentors an additional 500 roles have been created.

Donald Melrose

Donald Melrose

Donald studied Mechanical Engineering in the University of Abertay. he had always had an interest in taking things apart to see how they worked then rebuilding them. The course gave Donald the opportunity to work for Shell offshore and Onshore in Aberdeen. Following the completion of his degree Donald moved to Basingstoke to work for the Atomic Weapons Establishment as a Manufacturing Engineer, which afforded him the opportunity to work ar the highest levels of safety, security and precision.

After 3 years Donald decided to move to Portsmouth taking a role with De La Rue Cash Systems as a Manufacturing Engineer, applying LEAN and Kaizen techniques to deliver manufacturing improvements. Eventually, Donald became a Programme Manager delivering cash sorting solutions to central and commercial banks across the world.

In 2000 Donald joined NTL a fast-growing Internet Company as a Project Manager with the responsibility of launching Digital Television and Broadband Internet. Eventually, Donald was Head of Internet responsible for a Team of Improvement Specialists managing the Internet Service for 1.9m Customers.

In 2006 Donald decided to leave the corporate world as he felt that the local business community would benefit from Coaching. So for the last 14 years, Donald has been delivering Coaching and Training to SME Business Owners across the UK. In 2017 Donald joined as a Partner in Leader Publishing Worldwide giving him access to a wealth of additional tools, resources, and community that would bring value to his clients.

Donald has a keen interest in sport especially Rugby and Skiing. He is a big fan of cooking and thinks there is nothing better than Dinner with Friends and Family.


Emma Melrose


Emma’s career started at the ripe old age of 14 with a Saturday job in a fudge shop in Bath. This gave her first insight into retail and having deciding that University wasn’t for her, she embarked on a Management Training programme with Marks and Spencer. During this time Emma quickly appreciated that “People” are the key to success of delivering outstanding service. With an ever growing passion and curiosity she specialised in Human Resources and Training. 

Her next role was Regional Training Manager for NTL, one of the new breed of cable telecommunications companies that were establishing infrastructure across the UK and rapidly gaining market share. As this Business grew Emma moved into lead customer service operations in technical support, remaining true to her passion for people driven leadership.  Following an outsourcing agreement between NTLTelewest and IBM, Emma was TUPE’d to IBM and developed skills global outsource management working with large team in the UK and India, managing a number of complex cultural change programmes. 

After 9 years she took an opportunity to join IBM’s largest European Account, taking on a role as the Commercial Lead, responsible for relationship management between the DVLA and IBM and its subcontractors. Her final task was to lead the team in managing the exit and transition of services back into the DVLA.  She spent the next 3 years as a Civil Servant, implementing a Strategic Supplier Relationship programme, winning a Civil Service Award for a commercial skills development programme and later moved into an operational post to support business transformation.

In 2019 Emma joined Business Growth Mentors, to bring her wealth of experience back into the Welsh SME community.  She works with Business Owners and their teams to deliver outstanding customer service through improving communication, handling conflict productively, increasing teamwork and productivity.

Emma is a Reiki Master, NLP practioner.  She loves to be out in nature and thinks there is nothing better than climbing a mountain, running on the beach or skiing with friends.

Emma Melrose
LPW Certified Coach

Partner with Leader Publishing Worldwide

Business Growth Mentors are operating in Partnership with Leader Publishing Worldwide since 2017.

As Partners of LPW we have access to world class tools, systems, training to allow us to support our Coaches and our Customers. We are part of a Community of 950 Coaches spread across the UK, US, Canada, Australia. Being part of this community gives us access to a wealth of experience. The Coaches within the LPW network work independently but believe in abundance so freely share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our Clients and Coaches. 

Partner with DiSCsimple

Business Growth Mentors are strategic Partners with DiSCsimple. Emma and Donald are DiSCiples using this powerful tool to assist with Recruitment, Personal Development, Improving Communication, Improving Teams, Developing Leaders and removing Conflict.

DISCsimple works with people to understand this body of knowledge and to use the principals to improve their relationships.

By providing on line and face to face access to DISC knowledge we promise to keep DISC simple and to help people to improve their communication, teamwork and productivity.

Operating in a global network as an Authorised Partner with Everything DiSC®, part of Wiley Press, DISCsimple is known to operate in intergrity and with respect.

Our customers enjoy using DISC knowledge for good and never for evil!

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