Good day all, its Donald (Mums preferred option), Don (My mafia title), or Donny (only used by my girls to wind me up). In essence, I answer to most things but never Donna!

For those of you that know me well on special occasions such as Weddings, Black Tie Functions, and Charity Events. I get my knobbly knees out by wearing the family tartan skirt or kilt as they tend to call it north of the border. Add to this I am sporting a lockdown beard.

So, I have a mans name, a beard and on occasion, I wear my kilt!

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I received an invitation to join a Women Only Networking Group. An isolated incident and oversight I think to myself. Easy mistake. Nope, within the next two days, I have been invited to 2 other groups focusing on helping women in business.
I am part of a training group, learning new digital marketing skills. The group is predominantly Ladies who like me are sharpening the saw or looking for new skills to pivot their business. It would appear that the Hunters within the group are harvesting the members of the training group by inviting them to join their own groups.

Here is the rub, they are indiscriminately marketing to people who with the best will in the world cannot join their group, buy their products by not taking the time to actually look at who they are inviting.

It made me think, how much money and effort are Businesses wasting by not keeping a database that reflects the profile of their Customers.
Even a basic spreadsheet with a field “gender” would allow you to filter the people that are not in your target audience.

Tescos for me are the extreme end of the segmentation spectrum. Every item I buy is tracked by the loyalty scheme. Tescos know the products I buy and the brands I like. Hence when they are sending me offers and vouchers they are relevant. When Iona and Isla were young vouchers were wet wipes and nappies. Now it is lunch box fillers and snacks, Hmm? Tescos even know my preferred time of day when I shop, so they make sure that those products are stock when I and other people in my demographic shop.

You do not need to go as far as Tescos to get results.

Today tools such as Intelligent Mailer, CRM solutions such as Salesforce, and Click Funnels allow us to segment Customers, look at how they are responding, and then send targeted emails all of which increase your chances of converting your communications into sales.
Seriously, if you are not segmenting your communications, you are wasting your time, money, and effort.
Marketing does work, but only if it is targeted and appropriate.