I have had a quiet week on Social Media, I have allowed other things to take a priority!

Did you miss me? No?

I was still front of mind in your thoughts though surely? No? It’s only been a week!

You are probably thinking to be honest I had not noticed, it has made no real difference to my life or business, so what’s the big deal?
How long would I need to not be in touch before you began to feel that I did not care enough about you or your Business? 1 week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months. 1 Year?

I was speaking with a Financial Advisor. He was telling me about a Customer that had gotten herself into a bit of a pickle with her finances. She turned up with a carrier bag full of papers that he needed to sort, which he duly did. She disappeared for 5 years and then returned with another Carrier bag full of problems. In the intervening period, she had taken out a mortgage and associated life cover and made a number of ISA investments without asking for his assistance? He was complaining about missing out on the business, yet he had made no attempt to stay in touch with the Customer, educating her about the range of services he had to offer and securing the investment business.

Most Business Owners believe that Customers leave them as their Competition has tempted them away, but this only accounts for 9%.
Even if you make a mistake and offer a bad Customer experience this only accounts for 14%

By far the biggest reason is perceived indifference at 68%, the Customer just did not feel that you cared enough about securing and maintaining their business. That’s almost x5 times more important than giving bad service.

So what are you doing, regularly to offer that Wow to Customers to remind them that you value their business?

One last thought, I was coaching a Funeral Director whose eyes lit up at the 1%.

Keep in touch!