What I love about working with Business Owners are the light bulb moments that I get as we are talking about how we can make the most of opportunities or overcome challenges that they are facing.

In those moments I quickly grab my notebook and scribble it down so that I don’t forget.

Sometimes I do not need to be speaking to Business Owners to have these light bulbs moments. Last night I was chatting over text with my Nephew who is 21 who is looking for something to keep him occupied over the summer.

He had just completed a TEFL course and was looking to see how he could be introduced to people interested in learning English who were living in Spain or France.

My experience of TEFL is has been people living overseas or people backpacking using this as a means to fund their travels. Essentially, they were in Country and dealing face to face with their Students.

Over the last few days, I have written about the Technology Revolution, the adoption of video conferencing as a result of the Covid restrictions and the need for Business Owners to Pivot their businesses to allow them to either survive or thrive.

I had a genius idea that I suggested to my Nephew. He could Pivot the traditional model of delivering TEFL. If he was using Video Conferencing, he could be based in the UK teaching English to people in Spanish or French speaking Countries on a one to one or a one to many basis, there was no need to be in Country.

My Nephews response was why Pivot, I am using the existing technology I had not considered that I needed to be in Country and of course I would use Video Conferencing.

The lightbulb moment I had is that the Technology Revolution which has smashed the perceptions and constraints associated with the use of Video Conferencing was not transcending all generations.

The generation below me and the one below my Nephew have been immersed in Video Conferencing and completely comfortable with the Technology. It is my generation and those older than me that have been slow to adopt or pushed back against the acceptance and use of Video Conferencing.

I was in a Zoom Meeting with the BNI this morning when President of the Chapter said “It’s been 5 weeks since the lockdown was put in place, this is the new norm there is no going back.

So, to all the Luddites out there, its time to embrace the Technology and for us to catch up with the Younger Generation.

If you have had a lightbulb moment recently, I would love to hear about them.

Keep Safe