At this time when across the world many Countries and Cities are in lockdown, I am reminded of that famous quote attributed to Plato.
“Necessity is the mother of invention”
I see people improvising facemasks and PPE. I see people learning to cook as restaurants are closed, I see parents inventing new ways to keep their children educated and amused.
The book “Who Moved My Cheese” always comes to my mind when we are faced with a decision. The book tells the story of two happy mice living in a maze. Each day cheese is delivered and they live happily. One day no cheese arrives, same the next day. The mice are getting hungry are face with a decision, do we keep doing what we have always done and hope that cheese will come or do we go looking for cheese elsewhere. I do not want to ruin the ending of the book so to find out get a copy of the book.
The decision faced by the two Mice is the same one Businesses are facing right now, do we keep doing what we are doing and wait for the business to return or do we pivot and change how we are operating or who we are focusing on.
Chris Witty, Chief Medical Officer for the UK was pretty clear on 22nd April when he said social distancing could be in place for a year.
Many businesses have their Team working from home right now. Does social distancing and home working go hand in hand. Will we see a shift from commuting to people working from home. Imagine the time savings, reduction in pollution need for quality home working spaces.
The reason I have written this is, that I am concerned that if you are not pivoting right now then I feel there is a strong possibility that you will be left behind in this revolution.
Smart businesses are evolving, perhaps even only for the short term for survival .e.g. restaurants doing deliveries.
So really the choice is yours wait until we return to “normal” or embrace the need to pivot to a new norm.
We are here to help, so if you feel the need to change but cannot see how to get started get in touch, we are in this together.
Keep safe