The Corona Virus has spawned a new word in Business that I am hearing from the Top Coaches and Business .
The new word is “Pivot”. When applied to Business at this time it refers to a business that has made a change in direction to overcome the restrictions placed upon us.
Here are some examples:-
As the Business Offices are closed the requirement for Commercial Cleaners dropped dramatically. Pivoting to becoming a specialist Disinfecting Company allows them to continue operating, pick up new Customers, charge a premium and provide a service that is in high demand right now.
As the UK Government has mandated that restaurants close, some restaurants that have Pivoted to either provide a delivery service or have turned their hand to meals on wheels providing catering to people who are shielding or isolating.
My Doctor is now using Video conference calls to discuss my progress which is great for me. I do not need to leave the house, saving time traveling, and time waiting to see him. I can use my time productively. Also, I am not exposed to the risks of attending a hospital where there are people that have infections that I would be susceptible to.
There is no clear timeline to the removal of restrictions so how long can you survive without changing tack.
So the big question is? Is it time to Pivot your business?
If you are not sure, we are here to help, we can have a virtual coffee and chat through some ideas.
Survive or Thrive the choice is yours.
Keep safe
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