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Welcome to the Business Growth Mentors website. Our website is here to give you some tools and an introduction to what we do to support our Clients in the development of their businesses.

We have been coaching since 2006 and we are part of a global network of business coaches that spans the globe so you can be assured that we have the most comprehensive set of coaching approaches available.

Please feel free to take advantage of the free marketing appraisal or videos such “Everything You’ve ever Learned about Generating Leads and Growing your business is wrong” by clicking on the buttons on the right of the page or under the resources tab. We need a snappier title to that video but it does what it says on the tin.

If you are looking for someone to Coach you in your Business you have come to the right place, have a look through the website then give us a call or fill in the contact us form and we will call you. If you are not sure as to whether a Coach will work for you read the rest of this page then give us a call and we can work out what is right for you.


Everything is wrong

7 Reasons why you might need to take on a Coach

  1.  Your Business does not have a clear strategy for growth.
  2. Your business is expanding, but you do not have the systems and processes to maintain quality and consistency.
  3. As you are the Boss, you have no one holding you accountable so your tasks are slipping.
  4. Your business is competing on price, as it cannot differentiate itself from your competition.
  5. Your business is stuck in a rut and you need some ideas for growth
  6. Your business is trading in a shrinking marketplace and you want a new market
  7. You have some great ideas but do not know how to take them to market.
  8. You want to learn or upskill members of your Team.


Options to suit your learning style

Option 1 is to work at your own pace using our E-Learning system that automatically prioritises the activities that you need in your business. With 200 hours of videos and workbooks the comprehesive system will teach and guide you through the steps to quickly and effectively generate new leads, how to convert these and gain maximum revenue.

Option 2 is to join one of our Group Programmes. Over the course of 12 months we wil deliver modular training each month in a fun online environment. The Group will consist of other Business Owners giving lots of opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas. Being part of a group improves accountability and gives you a feeling that you are not alone when it comes to overcoming the challenges in your business.

Option 3  is to work with us on a One to One (121) basis. Working on a 121 basis allows us to tailor our coaching specifically to your business goals and aspirations. We start with a thorough diagnosis of your business. We then create a list of improvement opportunities. You choose your priorities and we work specifically on these areas. We will teach how to over come the challenges and maximise the opportunities so that in future you have the skills that you need to grow your business.  

Choosing the right coach

When choosing a Coach there are a few factors that we suggest you consider. Does the Coach have the skills and tools on hand to address the challenges in your business? Too many Coaches promise the earth to get you on board but there is no substance. So check that they have the tools and are not just basing their coaching on their experience.

A good Coach is like your unreasonable friend that asks the awkward questions, but who always has your back. There is no point having someone collude with you if fundamentally you are heading for a disaster. You need to love and hate your Coach in equal measure, love the results but he pushes you out of your comfort zone.

A good Coach is not an Oracle with all the answers, but is one who can ask great questions and help you through the process of making the right decision. If you want to be given the answers then I suggest you need a Consultant.

Give a man a fish and he wil feed himself for a day, teach how to fish and he can feed himself for life. With this in mind our business focuses on teaching you how to do it, it does not do it for you. 

Why you should trust Business Growth Mentors?

We are so confident in our approaches and tools that we are prepared to show you upfront the 8 key strategies we use to find profit. We will happily gift you 1 hour of Coaching to show you how we do it.

We will show you the diagnostic tools we use to develop the strategies for improvement, how we qualify and quantify the strategies, the impact on profit, and the value of your Company.

We can show how these strategies are delivered and the training materials we have on hand to teach you how to maximize the returns on these strategies.

If we are not confident that we can improve your Business or do not feel that you are a good fit for one of our Coaches we will not take you on as a Client. Getting you results is our primary goal if I am not confident that that will happen then we will either find you an alternative coach or recommend an alternative approach.


At this stage, you have nothing to lose. A conversation with us costs nothing. Feel free to browse the website then when you are ready to grow your business then give us a call.



Prior to starting any of our Services we offer a complimentary 1hr session to determine your requuirements and whether we are best placed to assist you in achieving your goals. So you have nothing to lose! Please get in touch